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Mushrooms are spreading over the world in an alarming rate!
 Scientists have sacrificed their lives or rather the lifes of others to make the perfect guide. Now it's up to you and your friend. One brave soul has to enter while the other has to guide them through and give them the information they need to survive.... the Mycelium Maze.

Sascha Feld - Programming
Kevin Goergen - Programming
Jonas Novaki - 3D Modelling
Valerie Nuding - 2D and Leveldesign
Sunna Linn - Graphic Design
Noon (Satyam Hecklinger) - 2D, SFX, UI
Katarina Sologub - 3D Modelling

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MyceliumMazeBeta.zip 700 MB

Install instructions

unzip and let's go!
Don't forget to check the PDF under "Guide"


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Das Spiel ist wirklich sehr lustig!

Das Konzept fand ich wirklich originell und kann mir gut vorstellen das nochmal zu spielen!

Habe auch eine Aufnahme davon gemacht, wie ich es onstream gespielt habe: Mycelium Maze -GDW-Trier! - Twitch

nice :-)

Fun game.

Great fun!